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Press Release: NewCoastal.shop New Website Release

NewCoastal.shop offers innovative CBD/DNA aligned health & wellness, beauty and pet products to help people Take the Coastal Path to Wellness

COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 29, 2019/PRNewswire/ –New Coastal Group, Inc. of Costa Mesa has entered the white-hot CBD products market with a line of high-quality CBD-infused offerings.

How do New Coastal’s products differ from the numerous options currently available in the CBD industry, which is the fastest growing industry in the world?

New Coastal’s CBD-infused health, beauty, wellness, and pet products were created with a scientific innovation that will revolutionize the way people use CBD. In turn, New Coastal’s products will transform the entire industry.

Experts say that over 100 million Americans and their pets could benefit from taking a daily CBD supplement. CBD occurs in the body naturally, but the amount can vary widely from person to person.

Until now, consumers have been left to guess what dose, delivery method, and format of CBD supplement is appropriate for their unique needs. This can lead to expensive trial-and-error and even permanent bodily harm. Without having personal information, you are simply guessing — and CBD is too important to guess.

“We are concerned with the willy-nilly manner in which CBD is administered by mom and pop CBD companies,” said Fred Bloom, CEO of New Coastal. “That could be doing more harm than good for many people.”

“Everyone is different,” Mr. Bloom said. “Too much CBD can be bad for the liver. Not enough can lead to anxiety, depression, low pain tolerance, and poor sleep habits. The right amount of CBD hits that perfect equilibrium, leading you to the highest state of wellness possible. We don’t believe it is prudent to just take whatever potency that a CBD product you buy off the shelf has loaded in it.”

The solution? After years of scientific research, New Coastal is introducing an intelligent approach to CBD supplements. It’s based on what is essentially a unique CBD DNA test — a major innovation in the market.

The DNA test will tell users how much CBD should be taken, based on their metabolic rate, to achieve optimal wellness. It will also provide valuable information about how CBD may interact with any medications already being taken.

“Take the test, get the facts, and settle on an appropriate CBD regimen. Get on the Coastal Path to Wellness,” Mr. Bloom said.

New Coastal’s wellness products are specifically formulated to address the primary issues the majority of adults complain about:

  • stress and anxiety
  • pain and inflammation
  • sleep issues

The wellness products are offered in varying potency levels and in several delivery mechanisms, including:

  • sublingual sprays
  • tinctures
  • soft gel capsules
  • topical creams and balms
  • roll-ons
  • quick-dissolving tablets
  • gummies

New Coastal offers 16 beauty-related CBD-infused products, each made from the highest quality ingredients available and formulated to New Coastal’s exacting standards for high-quality and maximum results. These products are primarily focused on skincare and helping people of all ages keep and maintain healthy skin — which is the key to having a youthful, vibrant look and feel.

About New Coastal Group, Inc.: New Coastal Group, Inc. provides premium CBD products that promote a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. New Coastal Group also offers a unique DNA test that identifies the exact CBD product that will provide the optimal level of wellness for each individual person. New Coastal Group is delivering on the promise of CBD to the hundreds of millions of Americans who can benefit from taking it daily. By offering best-in-class CBD-infused products for a fair and affordable price, New Coastal is on a mission to ease pain and suffering, improve beauty and quality of life and help tackle the worldwide opioid crisis.

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