CBD DNA Test Kit


Includes: 1 – swab test kit, 1- prepaid mailing envelope and a $100 Voucher

If you’re taking CBD or thinking about taking CBD, how do you determine which formula is best for you? What about dosage – how much should you take, and when would be the best time to take it? And then there’s the method of delivery – tincture, capsules, gummies or even suppositories – which method is best for you? And don’t forget about potential conflicts that CBD may have with other medications.

New Coastal brings you a true solution with our? CBD DNA TEST KIT. A team of world-renowned scientists, geneticists, cannabis experts, physicians, and researchers have spent years perfecting the science behind endo?compatibility. The result is the most comprehensive endocannabinoid DNA test available today.

Here’s a solution to make your CBD experience? Simple, Effective and Personal.

  • Simple: Take a simple swab test, and wait for your test results.
  • Effective: Clearly learn which options (blends of CBD and terpenes) are best suited for your genotype. New Coastal’s CBD DNA Test Kit will match your genetic data to the most fitting Endo-Aligned CBD Formulas.
  • Personal: This CBD DNA Test analyzes specific DNA markers to provide a unique Endo?Decoded report, based on your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This personalizes report reveals your optimal CBD Wellness Solution and includes relevant product suggestions.

*$99 lab fee required at time of registration

For reported traits, see Endo?compatibility Report Traits

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Full Panel Testing
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Our CBD products include full panel testing by a third party lab.

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