New Coastal's CBD Wellness Gift Set - RELIEF Plus


New Coastal’s CBD RELIEF Plus Wellness Gift Set supports a healthy response to Pain and Inflammation.

This kit includes:

500mg Ozone Suppositories (10 x 50mg)
500mg Full Spectrum Nano-emulsified RELIEF CBD Tincture
750mg Full Spectrum Nano-emulsified RELIEF CBD Softgels
150mg Broad Spectrum CBD Rapid Pain Relief Roll-on Gel

Our Ozone Suppositories offer the most effective method of delivering CBD directly to your body. Made with all-natural ingredients, these are easy and comfortable to use. The package includes 2 Ozone suppositories, that are pre-preparatory, and can be used before CBD treatment to prime the body for optimal absorption.

Our nano-enhanced tinctures and soft gelcaps provide maximum bioavailability and quick delivery, this means you’ll feel better, faster. Our Endo-aligned formulations take into account the common genetic biomarkers in the human endocannabinoid system, for a targeted CBD solution.

For the topical treatment of Pain and Inflammation, we’ve included our 150mg Broad Spectrum CBD Rapid Pain Relief Roll-on Gel, which offers quick and effective relief to areas of general or chronic pain.

As the Official Wellness Providers to the NFL Players Congress, we are happy to share with you what the Pros use for Pain.


Potential Benefits

Ease aches and pains
Relieve Chronic pain

Full Panel Testing
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Our CBD products include full panel testing by a third party lab.

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